MAXPlanetary Base Kit


The REV MAXPlanetary Base Kit is the entry point into using the REV MAXPlanetary System. This kit includes a universal input stage, 1/2in hex socket output, hardware pack, 8mm keyed input coupler kit, 1/2in rounded hex shaft, and a CIM/Falcon spacer.

The MAXPlanetary System is a cartridge-based modular planetary gearbox designed from the ground up for NEO-class motors. The design of the MAXPlanetary has been carefully optimized to provide torque density unavailable in FRC up until now.


  • Socket 1/2in Hex Output
    • Ability to retain a shaft blind with a 10-32 screw
  • Compatible with NEO/CIM/Mini CIM (without modifying the shaft)
    • Keyed Input (no set screws)
  • Adapters available for NEO 550 and 775-family motors
    • Press-fit adapters (no set screws)
  • Adapter available for Falcon 500
  • All 10-32 Screws used for Assembly and Mounting
  • Assembled/disassembled from the rear
    • The gear ratio can be changed while the gearbox output is mounted to the robot
    • Hex key or t-handle clears the motor
  • Side Mounting Holes
    • Holes on the top and bottom
    • Holes are on a 0.5in pitch regardless of number of stages
  • 10-32 Face Mounting Holes on a 2in Bolt Circle with 2 Orientations
  • 2in Gearbox Height
    • Gearbox does not protrude above or below common FRC structural tubes
    • Output shaft stays on 1.0in pitch when the gearbox is mounted using the side holes


  • Gearbox Dimensions:
    • Height: 2.000in
    • Width: 2.438in
    • Length (No Motor):
      • 0-Stage: 1.500in
  • Weight:
    • Base kit (no shaft): 261g (0.576lb)
    • 3in Output Shaft: 27g (0.059lb)
  • Face Mounting Pattern: 10-32 on a 2in Bolt Circle
  • Output Socket: 1/2in Hex, 0.438in Deep
  • Included Shaft: 1/2in Hex, 3.000in Long

Kit Contents

  REV-21-2104   MAXPlanetary 1/2" Hex Socket Output   QTY 1 
  REV-21-2106   MAXPlanetary Universal Input Stage   QTY 1 
  REV-25-2107   MAXPlanetary Hardware Pack   QTY 1  
  REV-21-2108   MAXPlanetary 8mm Keyed Input Coupler Kit   QTY 1 
  REV-21-2813   1/2in Rounded Hex Shaft, 3.0in Long, Tapped   QTY 1 
  REV-21-2119   MAXPlanetary CIM/Falcon Spacer   QTY 1