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REV Robotics is proud to partner with FIRST Global, a program designed to bring the ideals and values of FIRST to a global audience through an "Olympics"-style robotics challenge. For more information about the FIRST Global challenge, please visit the FIRST Global website.

The FIRST Global robotics kit is powered by the REV Robotics Building System. Below, you will find links to various guides, manuals, instructional videos, and additional products.

Building System Guides

    • The REV 15mm Build System includes both Metal and Plastic Gears. Gears are used to change the speed, torque (turning force), or direction of a motor’s original output in order to drive motion along a gear train.
  • Bearing Guide
    • The REV 15mm Extrusion Build System uses plastic acetal (Delrin/POM) molded bearings which are used primarily in motion brackets, and pillow blocks transmitting and transforming motion

2022 Kit CAD Files

Control System Guides

  • Blocks Programming Guide
    • For controlling the Class Bot V2 drivetrain, being able to control two motors simultaneously is important. This is done through the dual motor block within Blocks.
  • OnBot Java Programming Guide
    • OnBot Java is a user-friendly environment used for programming in Java, a text-based language. The guide also includes programming tools that teams can use to create their own "op modes"
  • Control Hub Users Manual
    • The Control Hub works with the Expansion Hub and Driver Hub to create a complete robotics control system for both the classroom and the competition.
  • Driver Hub Users Manual
    • The REV Robotics Driver Hub (REV-31-1596) is a compact mobile computing device designed for interfacing with the Control Hub (REV-31-1595). Once the Driver Hub is connected to a Control Hub, you will have access to the entire Driver Station Application interface. 


  • REV Hardware Client
    • The REV Hardware Client is software which allows for connection to REV Hardware devices and other supported devices via USB and WiFi. This software is used to configure, manage, and update products like the Control Hub, Driver Hub, and Expansion Hub, etc.


    • Drivetrains are one of the first mechanisms that teams typically build and start development on.
  • UltraPlanetary Gearbox
    • The UltraPlanetary Gearbox is a cartridge based modular planetary gearbox designed with 550 motors, like the HD Hex Motor, in mind. Easy to iterate and adjust designs using the pre-assembled and lubricated cartridges to swap gear ratios with ease. 

FIRST Global Instructional Videos

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