Traction Wheel - 4in - MAXSpline - Hard


ION Traction Wheels are compatible with the REV ION System and come in a wide range of sizes, durometers, and bores. Larger wheels contain the MAXSpline bore, but can be adapted to other bores with a separate MAXHub. Wheels with spokes have a bolt circle of #10 clearance holes patterned outward at 1/2in pitch and also have a 3/8in wide nut groove, which removes the need for a wrench when utilizing the holes on the spokes. Multiple wheels can be mounted flush next to each other when more surface area is needed.


  • Durometer: 60A - Hard
  • Material: Glass-Filled Nylon & TPR
  • Width: 1.50in
  • Weight: 208g (0.46lbs)


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