MAXTube - 2x1 with MAX Pattern - 15-Pos (31in)


MAXTube - 2x1 with MAX Pattern is compatible with the REV ION System and is a strong extruded aluminum tubing that features various hole patterns that make robot structures easier to build. Hole patterns are a repeated MAX Pattern every 2in.

The MAX Pattern features the MAXSpline bore with an array of #10 clearance holes on either side. It allows for easy installation of bearing for different live axle applications, as well as correct center-to-center distances for simple 1:1 power transmittion with #25 chain or RT25 belting. The integrated MAXSpline allows for easy torque transfer directly to the tube for arm joints and other applications.


  • Material: Aluminum 6061
  • Width: 0.125 wall on 2in long side 0.04 on 1in side, 10-32 nut grooves on 1 inch side
  • Weight: 248g (0.55lbs)


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