NEO Vortex & SPARK Flex Pre-Order Updates

NEO Vortex & SPARK Flex Pre-Order Updates

Published by Greg Needel and David Yanoshak on Dec 19th 2023

We wanted to give an update on the status of the SPARK Flex Motor Controller and NEO Vortex motors. Below you'll find detailed information regarding production, shipping timelines, and order processes. Overall, it's good news and we are still on schedule.

TLDR: Pre-orders will all ship by kickoff, with many of them going out next week.

The first production batches of our NEO Vortex motors are now in our warehouse in Texas. We will continue receiving additional shipments on a weekly basis on an accelerating rate as production becomes more streamlined. We are bringing onboard additional test fixtures at our factory to help the production rate.

The first production batch of the SPARK Flex Motor Controller is expected to arrive at REV (via airfreight) early next week. While REV is normally closed between the week of Christmas and New Year’s, our team is preparing to expedite processing for these units upon arrival so as many teams have them in hand before kickoff as possible. The 2nd batch, which will fill the remaining pre-ordered units, will arrive and ship out during the first week of January (before kickoff).

We will be closing down pre-orders at the end of this week (Friday, Dec 22nd). We will be opening orders for regular shipments during the week of January 8th. Once these go live, we will be able to ship them like any other order from REV. Meaning if you haven’t already ordered, you should still be able to get these in your hand by the 3rd week of January (week 2 of build season). We are expecting regular weekly deliveries of controllers, motors, shafts, and various accessories to ensure a steady supply, as we have loads of these in production.

For the software side of things, we will be publishing an update to the REV Hardware Client and REVLib the first week of January. Most of these updates are small and focused on some of the new features of the SPARK Flex & NEO Vortex.

We know that everyone wishes that these were available sooner, and we are working to try and bring our product development launch schedule earlier in the fall for future seasons. NEO Vortex and SPARK Flex have quite a few additional features we will announce over time, as we unlock more of their potential with future software updates and look forward to seeing what you build with them this season.